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On our blog, you find tips on how to stand out in a competitive labour market and how to create a professional path in which you thrive. We share insights on how the future of work will look like and which implications this can have on you.

Since FutureDesign.Guru acts always on talent behalf actively presenting talents' profiles and supporting you concerning your career concerns in all matters, we can help you in various ways. 

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We skip AI and keyword-based selection filters!

The human resources department acts on hiring managers' behalf who usually communicates a profile need. 

HR departments' role is not to find the right candidate but filter out the ones who are not.


To make their life easier your CV has to pass numerous filters before it even gets read.


We ensure hiring managers notice your profile!

When you apply for a posted job, you compete with a mass of other applicants. All applications are then reviewed by HR in a fast manner.

You only get shortlisted if your profile hits certain keywords. 


Also, people spend up to 8 seconds on average checking a CV.


We have decision-makers directly contact you! 

With your profile on their table, hiring managers can directly contact you to share a suitable professional opportunity with you.

They do not need to rely on HR departments as middlemen and can speak directly with you!

We make them reach out via email to you with more information on working together!


You gain meaningful professional opportunities!

Once you have interviews scheduled: it's down to you to shine and convince that you bring an asset and that you are the right person!


An interview is an opportunity for both sides to get to know each other!

You can easily excel in any conversation with just a few tips which you find here.

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