Changing professional match-making

FutureDesign.Guru acts on candidate behalf and represents ambitious professionals in the creative, tech and digital sectors to companies of choice to take their career to the next level!

We make peoples' job search easier, skip human resources departments and have hiring managers contacting candidates. 

Through a unique approach, we ensure that profiles land in front of relevant decision-makers.

Of course, we always make sure your profile is top!


Share your CV along with your desired places to work

with us and

we do the rest for you!

No more hassle filling in application forms or 

uploading your CV manually various times!


Based on your preferences  we share your profile and make sure you get noticed

by relevant hiring managers!

Standing out from other applicants, you land directly in the decision makers' inbox at desired companies!


Once hiring managers notice you and the value you can contribute, they contact you directly on your email! 

That way the only thing left is preparing for an interview and share how you can help them in their business! 


The last step is convincing in an interview that you can help the hiring manager with their business goals!

Once you explained your expertise and skillset,

the hiring manager gets back to you with next steps.


FutureDesign.Guru acts on talent behalf representing profiles to selected and chosen companies addressing directly hiring managers to help talents to get noticed. Talented professionals can submit profiles anytime.


Companies receive motivated talent with relevant profiles which are keen on helping you and your company succeed! Cost and time are saved in your department as well as on HR side.


Each time your company is selected you receive motivated talent with relevant skill-sets. Alternatively, you can reach out below to receive talent.



Constant relevant talent supply

"an eye for personalities and... individuals who fit together as... a team. Candidates match with hiring managers' wavelength... a prerequisite for building a high performing team... always very helpful..."

-  T. Koenig, Online Marketing Manager @ VEDES

The Future of Work

The rise of industry 4.0 with its technological advances makes human labour partly redundant and brings a whole bunch of new and quite unpredictable chances to the world of work.


On the talent side, there is an increasing struggle about the meaning of work, whilst on companies undergo challenges in terms of talent attraction and workforce planning.

FutureDesign.Guru wants to help talents as well as companies. 


We help talents on how to adapt and meet their true potential to create a happy career in a fast and ever-changing business environment by introducing them to employers of choice. 


Companies benefit from receiving great talent with a relevant, valuable skillset and a great motivation to use this to the asset of the business.


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